No worries thanks to our Managed App Services

Fully managed

We take care of all updates and take care of the management of your controller.


We help you step by step to migrate your controller.


We provide DDoS prevention, a secure firewall and 24/7 monitoring.


We make a daily backup to an external location.

Launch your UniFi Network Application

UniFi Plus

69 / month

  • For larger networks
  • Up to ~500 devices
  • Latest stable updates
  • Fully functional software
  • SSL certificate
  • DKIM email signing
  • European data centers
  • Free subdomain
  • Own domain name
  • Help with migration
  • Managed by Nexxwave

UniFi Starter

39 / month

  • For small networks
  • Up to ~100 devices
  • Latest stable updates
  • Fully functional software
  • SSL certificate
  • DKIM email signing
  • European data centers
  • Free subdomain
  • Own domain name
  • Help with migration
  • Managed by Nexxwave

Included with your application

Free SSL

We secure your application with an SSL certificate so that your application can be reached safely via HTTPS.

Fully managed

We monitor and update your server and application. We intervene in case of problems.


We ensure that your server and application are always secured. You do not share your server with other customers.

Lightning fast

You can enjoy a super-fast application thanks to NVMe SSD storage, HTTP/2, and a premium network.


We make a backup of your application every day and keep it for 7 days.

DDoS protection

The latest hardware and advanced technologies protect your application against DDoS attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can manage about 100 devices on the 'Starter' package, 200 devices on the 'Standard' package and 500 devices on the 'Plus' package. That is a recommended maximum, but certainly not a hard limit. If you manage more than 500 devices, please contact us for a custom server.

Yes, that's possible. You can add an unlimited number of devices to each package. However, we do not recommend this because the server specifications are not provided for this, which can cause the application to crash.

If you want to start migrating your UniFI installation yourself, follow one of our extensive step-by-step plans. Here we also explain a step-by-step migration procedure.

Would you like support with the migration? Please contact us to discuss this.

No. Your UniFi Network Application runs on its own server. As a result, you will never be bothered by other customers who could overload the server.

That is not necessary, we manage the server for you. We take care of updates and handle malfunctions.

You can! You can use UniFi Network Application on your own (sub)domain in package 'Standard' or 'Plus'. If you do not have your own domain name, we provide a free Nexxwave subdomain.

Every 24 hours we take a backup of the entire server. Do you need multiple backups? Then we can, for example, also make a database export every hour. Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

UniFi Network Application is professional software to manage your network. Therefore some knowledge of networking is required. You need at least knowledge of DHCP, VLAN, Wi-Fi and subnetting. Some knowledge of the Linux terminal is recommended.

You can! Schedule your own demo whenever it suits you.

Once we have received your application, we will get to work. We deliver your environment within the working day.

We use data centers in Germany and Finland.

No, unfortunately that is not possible with a hosted UniFI controller. For that you need Ubiquiti's own hardware controller.

We sure can. If desired, we can (re)design your entire (wireless) network and take care of the entire installation and configuration. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Are you a professional installer? Then we would like to refer you to our Dutch partner WiMood.

We are currently installing version 7.3.83. When we have tested a new version and found it stable, we push it to all UniFi servers.

UniFi for professionals

Are you active in the telecom, ICT, security or a related sector? Then we would like to refer you to our partner WiMood.

Who is WiMood?

WiMood is an official distributor of Ubiquiti, MikroTik and Soundvision specialized in (wireless) data communication and audio. As a reseller, enjoy attractive pricing with volume discounts, an extensive portfolio, free advice, an extended warranty period and fast delivery.

Become a reseller


Follow the 'UniFi Network Specialist' or the 'Ubiquiti Ubiquiti Enteprise Wireless Admin' course to delve into wireless networks. The training is given by a Ubiquiti certified UniFi trainer.

View the training offers

UniFi equipment

As a reseller, buy your equipment such as access points and switches at attractive prices and with an extended warranty period.

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To make things easy for entrepreneurs, we host and manage numerous applications.

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