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BookStack, started in 2015, is a platform that you can use to store and sort all your documentation. You organize your information like in a library: in bookshelves, books, chapters and pages. A very simple and easy to understand principle because we know this from our daily life. Create books for your customer follow-up, chapters for projects, and pages for protocols and procedures.

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Hosted on GitHub.

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We are currently installing version 23.08.3 (released on Sep 15, 2023).

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BookStack Plus

69 / month

BookStack Starter

39 / month

Included with your application

Free SSL

We secure your application with an SSL certificate so that your application can be reached safely via HTTPS.

Fully managed

We monitor and update your server and application. We intervene in case of problems.

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We ensure that your server and application are always secured. You do not share your server with other customers.

Lightning fast

You can enjoy a super-fast application thanks to NVMe storage, HTTP/2, and a premium network.


We make a backup of your application every day and keep it for 7 days.

DDoS protection

The latest hardware and advanced technologies protect your application against DDoS attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference is in the underlying server. In the 'Plus' package, a server with more storage space, more CPU cores and more RAM is used. This allows the system to handle a heavier load.

That depends on how many and what format of files you will upload in BookStack. For the average self-employed person and SME, 20 or 40 GB is more than sufficient. If you still need more storage space, we can certainly offer it.

No. Your BookStack environment runs on its own server. As a result, you will never be bothered by other customers who could overload the server.

That is not necessary, we manage the server for you. We take care of updates and handle malfunctions.

You can! You can use BookStack on your own (sub)domain in package 'Standard' or 'Plus'. If you do not have your own domain name, we provide a free Nexxwave subdomain.

Every 24 hours we take a backup of the entire server. Do you need multiple backups? Then we can, for example, also make a database export every hour. Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

BookStack works according to a very recognizable principle for organizing information: a library. You can divide your information into bookshelves, books, chapters and pages. BookStack requires little configuration and is virtually self-explanatory. Please have a look at the very clear documentation. We also love to help you with your setup if it is your first time using BookStack.

Once we have received your application, we will get to work. We deliver your environment within the working day.

We use data centers in Germany and Finland.

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